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Monitor anything with Treeum

Treeum.online is the first Ukrainian multifunctional platform for monitoring anything: from transport to people.


One for everything

We provide a service that helps to monitor the location of something in real time.

You don’t need to install multiple mobile applications to do this. All these features are available in Treeum.

family members,
close people
groups of people

Support for StarLine devices

Thanks to compatibility with StarLine devices, our users can control the car security system and monitor autonomous beacons. The basic functionality is free for owners of these security systems. The full list of supported devices can be found here.

Your loved ones — are safe

Agree that the safety of family members is the highest priority. Especially today. You feel much more relaxed when you know that your dearest people are under surveillance.

Our app will allow you to monitor the location of children, parents, and relatives and notify you in time in case of an emergency.

But that's not all

Today we are working on additional functionality of the service. This is still a secret, but we will tell you something 😉

So, (drum roll), we make it possible to observe and thus protect entire groups of people. Of course, with their consent. 🙂 These can be, for example, your employees, visitors to a tour, or athletes at a competition.

And it will be as easy as it has ever been.

Treeum is a guarantee of reliability and safety

  • The server solutions we use allow us to manage and scale resources in real time.
  • Your personal data is safe. We do not share them with third parties or organizations.
  • The servers are located in the EU and are controlled exclusively by our employees.

Who are we and what do we do?

The idea of monitoring, as you know, is not new. We have rethought the very meaning of security and created a fundamentally new service for you.

We have been working in the field of automotive safety for many years. Our clients are thousands of car owners. We carefully and passionately studied their needs, listened to every word and every thought.

All of this allowed us to create a really necessary and useful service.

Your safety is our concern. Today.. Tomorrow.. Always.

Take care of yourself
and be safe

Try the Treeum app today